About Workants

Workants is a job site and business directory of USA companies. Our mission is to connect businesses to potential customers and help them to find the employees that help them to grow.

Why Workants?

The success behind any company or business comes from its loyal, hardworking, competent, and skilled employees. A great employee can be the best asset an accomplished company or business can possess, and everyone here at Workants wants to help you find that perfect match! Let us empower you to hire the best of the best to help your business to be the best of the best! All it takes is that perfect employee to synergize and energize your company, so let Workants connect you today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long a job is published?

A job posting is closed automatically after 60 days of being published. However, the job can be republished if the position is still open.

Where does someone go when clicking on the apply button?

The user will be directed to the directly to the link that you provided when creating the job posting. The link could be a form on your website or tracking system for recruting management.

How much does it cost to create a company profile?

The companies profiles are free of charge. Also, we encorage companies to create their profile even if they don't have any job openings because it gives them more exposure for offering their services.

How Workants stores sensitive data?

We only collect what we need. We don't store credit card information on our servers. We use the well-known Stripe service for collecting payments without having to store sensitive data.

How much a job posting costs?

It is completely free!

Can I create multiple company profiles under one account?

No. But, it might be a feature we could consider in the future.

What jobs appear on my company profile page?

All published jobs will be listed under your business' profile page.

Can I post jobs outside of the US?

For now, Workants is concentrated in jobs in the United States. However, you can post "remote" for candidates outside of the US.

Any questions or suggestions?

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